What 2021 was like for Keely Brennan. 

Well Hello World! 

It's been a while, my apologies that it's taken this long but I've been working my booty off here. I'm Done Playing Cinderella made its way into the world in April of 2021. A lot has taken off since then and I've been gigging and performing at any and every opportunity I've been given. To my disbelief, and utter shock it wasn't very long, and my single was being streamed on all major music streaming platforms and in over 15 countries. I also began getting radio play and secured a live radio interview. Very exciting stuff! 

I had the honor of donating performances to many benefits and fundraisers throughout 2021 in Louisiana, including the opportunity to perform for New Iberia's Spanish Gala and the Annual Spanish Festival Kings Ball. Thanks to all of the support I have received from my family, friends, colleagues and fans, I'm Done Playing Cinderella hit the “’Nu Louisiana Country's TOP 40 Radio Chart" shortly after its release! 

I wrote and recorded my 1st full EP and after lots of hard work, determination, patience, and dedication it is in the final stage of production and I cannot wait to share it with the world! A music is also in the works.  Finally, I held new band auditions so that I can move forward in 2022 and beyond with a live band. That's right - get ready for a ride because this year I'm comin' in hott.... Smokin' Hott! 

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